Flex canopies in over a thousand different combinations

Flex canopies in high quality. Flex canopies for Sale. Flex canopies for promotion or event.

Flex canopies are available in over a thousand different combinations

Flex canopies are available in numerous sizes, designs and colours. You also have the option to make your very own unique flex canopy with full digital print so you can create positive attention at fairs and markets. You can have just a logo on your flex canopy or cover it with your own text and pictures. With the many sizes, colours and designs the flex canopy comes in you can choose from over 1.230 combinations – not counting the flex canopies with full digital print. Flex canopies are extremely easy to mount. With a little practice, you can have your flex canopy mounted in 60 seconds! The flex canopy is not only easy to mount, but it is also easy to store, to transport and perfect for all kind of different purposes both outdoor and inside. When you want a flex canopy, you get to choose from an impressive assortment, you get fast delivery and access to professional advice.

Flex canopies for both private customers and professionals

Flex canopies will make a positive difference at private parties as well as professional events. Flex canopies are the functional and elegant result of an innovative product development – and this flex canopy has become the leading flex canopy on the European market. Flex canopies are light, strong and portable canopies in a professional quality. The flex canopies are perfect for the private segment and the professional segment alike. With this high-quality flex canopy, you can enjoy the quality and functionality for a long time. The flex canopy is delivered in a practical and sturdy transport bag that will make it easy for you to transport and store the canopy.

Flex canopies offer innovation and functionality

Flex canopies are a high quality, lightweight and portable canopy especially developed for markets, fairs, parties, events and much more. When you need an elegant, durable and flexible shelter from the sun or the rain the portable flex canopy will come in handy – even at the beach or on a picnic.

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